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MB W176 | W246 | W447 ELV ESL Steering Lock Emulator Simulator

Product Number : M4-5555
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Manufacturer : M4KEY


 M4Key For MB Benz W176 | W246 | W447 | FBS3 ELV ESL Steering Lock Emulator Simulator


Manufacturer Condition Compatible Part Number
M4KEY New A0999000400

Mercedes Benz ELV ESL Steering Lock Emulator

MB steering lock problem is one among the foremost frequent problems in MB Benz starting system, MB dealer needs to order a new steering lock and program it which is just too costly and time-consuming.
Using this MB Benz ELV emulator, you can program it & reprogram it to other vehicles easily when it’s needed.
MB Steering Lock Bypass Emulator will make your job easier and faster.

MB W176 | W246 | W447 | ESL bypass was never that easy before.

Using Emulator W176 – W246 – W447 – MB it’s safer and more durable than MB W176 – W246 – W447  ELV repair since you’ll not get any MB W176 – W246 – W447 – ESL problem.

MB W176 | W246 | W447 |ESL Emulator Main Features:

  • Is extremely simple and straightforward to use,
  • Supports most sorts of MB key programming devices,
  • Can be reprogrammed several times,
  • Lights will help you to understand the status of ELV programming.

How To Use & Fix MB W176 | W246 | W447 | FBS3  Emulator:

  • First, unplug the ELV wire from the car steering lock unit.
  • If vehicle steering lock is in “lock” mode, steering lock must be away from the car.
  • Find out Mercedes EIS password using MB key programmer.
  • MB ESL emulator programming must be done using MB key programming device.
  • Connect the MB ELV emulator to the car and start the car.
  • The MB Steering Lock Emulator is reprogrammable and can be reused again after programming.

MB Steering Lock Emulator Light Behavior:

  • After connecting it to the car, or to the testing cables, insert the car key to the switch.
  • If emulator light turns “green” that means it’s connected successfully and the car is ready to go.
  • If emulator light turns “red” that means either the key doesn’t belong to an equivalent EIS / EZS or you have Mercedes EIS problem
  • If emulator light didn’t turn on at all, you might want to check the facility that is the supplier of the car / cables

MB Steering Lock Emulator Supported EIS / EZS:

  1. ELV Emulator MB W176 EIS
  2. ELV Emulator MB W246 EIS
  3. ELV Emulator MB W447 EIS With Steering Lock ( FBS3 )

Mercedes Benz ESL Emulator Supported Key Programming Devices:

  • Avdi
  • Xhorse Vvdi Mb Bga
  • Cgdi Mb
  • Diagspeed
  • Autel Auro
  • Sımon Touch
  • And Other Devices….


Mercedes Benz ELV ESL Steering Lock Emulator

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