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About Us

Welcome to " Goldcar Turkey" official web page.

Who are we?

Since 2002, Goldcar is proud of producing the best solutions in the automotive electronics industry in Turkey. In this regard, we are experts in automobile test equipment and programmable devices and have a long experience.

What we really do?

We are solving the problems in the automotive sector on this road that we are opening from Turkey to the world. We produce various products that will solve the problems of various brands. Testing tools, emulators, programming, PCB production, PCB part assembly and key card production.

Our Vision

We are proud to be leaders in sustainable, user-centered solutions. Through our products, quality and services, we shape the automotive industry of today and tomorrow and become a partner of the industry.

History of the Company

Goldcar Automotive Solutions first started its experience in the automotive sector as a Gold Electronic Solution Center. First of all, we started by solving the problems in the electronic parts of the vehicles and we have come to these days when we specialize in this business and make our own production.

Cooperate with Us!

We provide wholesale sales to companies in the sector. You can buy all our products wholesale from us at special prices and sell Goldcar® products. Just contact us!

What can we do for you ?

You can reach us from our website and various social media profiles, and find solutions to your questions and problems via Whatsapp and e-mail.

Within the scope of the support service, you can receive information on many issues such as product, sector and product installation, not only to solve problems when needed.

“Product quality” means more to us than design and function. Our products have been produced in accordance with the conditions of use and the durability of the areas of use.

The quick delivery of the product to the customer is an important factor for customer satisfaction. In this context, we offer you faster and safer shipments with DHL – TNT Express.

You can contact us in a healthy way via whatsapp and e-mail. We provide visual and video support. In addition, the necessary installation and information are available in the product descriptions.

Our products come in bags and reliable boxes, and we keep our bond with our customers by sending not only the current product but also various corporate products (Pencils, Notepads, etc.) in the box.