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For Ford | Mondeo | C4 Platform 2007-2013 Steering Lock Simulator Emulator 10 Pieces

Product Number : M4-1320-10
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Manufacturer : M4KEY




Manufacturer Condition Compatible Part Number
M4KEY New               | MONDEO |   7G91-3F880-Fx              

M4Key For Ford Mondeo | Steering Lock Simulator Emulator Overview:

Device Emulates Ford ESCL Unit, compatible with Ford CD4 Platform

Original SCL Number Looks Like  7G91-3F880-Fx  Connector COLOR BLACK  has 4 Pins

Emulator is Plug & Start , No Programming Required.

ELV Is A Self-occurring Mechanical Failure In The Steering Column Lock.

The Occurrence Of The Fault Does Not Depend On Any Fault.

In Case Of Malfunction, Even If There Is No Problem In The Vehicle Key, The Working Key Will Not Start The Vehicle Because The ELV Steering Column Lock Will Not Be Activated.

In This Case, A New ELV Steering Column Lock Must Be Installed In The Vehicle And Programmed Into The Vehicle.

Steering Lock Problem Is One Among The Foremost Frequent Problems In Ford Mondeo | Starting System, land rover Dealer Need To Order New Steering Lock And Program It Which Is Just Too Much Costly And Required While Of Waiting.
Electronic Steering Lock Ford Mondeo | Emulator Will Fix Your Steering Lock Malfunction Error, And Therefore The Ford Mondeo |  Esl Elv Universal Steering Lock Emulator Will Bypass Ford Mondeo | Elv always.
No Require Coding, Simply Connect it , And It’ll Fix Your Ford Mondeo | Esl Fail


M4Key For Ford Mondeo | Steering Lock Simulator Emulator Installtion on Car :

  •  Turn off the ignition switch.
  • Plug the connector into the emulator socket.
  • The SCL works only when it receives an open and close command.
  • You push the start button and the green led should light. If a red led blinks, there is an error you have to correct by a diagnostic tool or you can reset the car by plugging the battery out and in again and again till the green led light.

M4Key For Ford Mondeo | Steering Lock Simulator Emulator Light Behavior:

1-Red SCL is in Locked State.

2-Green SCL is in Unlocked State.

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